Smooth scroll to top button widget - Blogger

Smooth scroll to top button widget - Blogger
Απαραίτητο Widget ιδίως για όσους έχουν  Ιnfinite scroll (και όχι μόνο) στο Blogger τους είναι το scroll to top. Ένα διακριτικό εικονίδιο σαν αυτό της εικόνας αριστερά (χωρίς το μαύρο πλαίσιο) θα εμφανιστεί στο κάτω, δεξί μέρος και θα σας μεταφέρει στην κορυφή της σελίδας σας, με ένα απαλό scroll πατώντας το. 
                   Δεν έχετε παρά να εγκαταστήσετε σαν Gadget τον παρακάτω κώδικα:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" >
* Scroll To Top Control script- © Dynamic Drive DHTML code library ( 
* Modified by 
* This notice MUST stay intact for legal use 
* Visit Project Page at for full source code 
var scrolltotop={ 
    //startline: Integer. Number of pixels from top of doc scrollbar is scrolled before showing control 
    //scrollto: Keyword (Integer, or "Scroll_to_Element_ID"). How far to scroll document up when control is clicked on (0=top). 
    setting: {startline:100, scrollto: 0, scrollduration:1000, fadeduration:[500, 100]}, 
    controlHTML: '<img src="" />', //HTML for control, which is auto wrapped in DIV w/ ID="topcontrol" 
    controlattrs: {offsetx:5, offsety:5}, //offset of control relative to right/ bottom of window corner 
    anchorkeyword: '#top', //Enter href value of HTML anchors on the page that should also act as "Scroll Up" links
    state: {isvisible:false, shouldvisible:false},
        if (!this.cssfixedsupport) //if control is positioned using JavaScript 
            this.$control.css({opacity:0}) //hide control immediately after clicking it 
        var dest=isNaN(this.setting.scrollto)? this.setting.scrollto : parseInt(this.setting.scrollto) 
        if (typeof dest=="string" && jQuery('#'+dest).length==1) //check element set by string exists 
        this.$body.animate({scrollTop: dest}, this.setting.scrollduration); 
        var $window=jQuery(window) 
        var controlx=$window.scrollLeft() + $window.width() - this.$control.width() - this.controlattrs.offsetx 
        var controly=$window.scrollTop() + $window.height() - this.$control.height() - this.controlattrs.offsety 
        this.$control.css({left:controlx+'px', top:controly+'px'}) 
        var scrolltop=jQuery(window).scrollTop() 
        if (!this.cssfixedsupport) 
        this.state.shouldvisible=(scrolltop>=this.setting.startline)? true : false
        if (this.state.shouldvisible && !this.state.isvisible){ 
            this.$control.stop().animate({opacity:1}, this.setting.fadeduration[0]) 
        else if (this.state.shouldvisible==false && this.state.isvisible){ 
            this.$control.stop().animate({opacity:0}, this.setting.fadeduration[1]) 
            var mainobj=scrolltotop 
            var iebrws=document.all 
            mainobj.cssfixedsupport=!iebrws || iebrws && document.compatMode=="CSS1Compat" && window.XMLHttpRequest //not IE or IE7+ browsers in standards mode 
            mainobj.$body=(window.opera)? (document.compatMode=="CSS1Compat"? $('html') : $('body')) : $('html,body') 
            mainobj.$control=$('<div id="topcontrol">'+mainobj.controlHTML+'</div>') 
                .css({position:mainobj.cssfixedsupport? 'fixed' : 'absolute', bottom:mainobj.controlattrs.offsety, right:mainobj.controlattrs.offsetx, opacity:0, cursor:'pointer'}) 
                .attr({title:'Scroll Back to Top'}) 
                .click(function(){mainobj.scrollup(); return false}) 
            if (document.all && !window.XMLHttpRequest && mainobj.$control.text()!='') //loose check for IE6 and below, plus whether control contains any text 
                mainobj.$control.css({width:mainobj.$control.width()}) //IE6- seems to require an explicit width on a DIV containing text 
            $('a[href="' + mainobj.anchorkeyword +'"]').click(function(){ 
                return false 
            $(window).bind('scroll resize', function(e){ 

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